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BBFI Certified BS 102000


BBFI Certified BS 102000 2018 Code of Practise for the Provision of Investigative Services

We are really proud to announce that we have been certified to BS 102000 2018 Code of Practise for the Provision of Investigative Services.

This British Standards for the provision of investigative services, in the absence of mandatory regulation, gives recommendations for the conduct, management, staffing and operational accountability for the provision of investigative services.

With over 1,000 investigations a year this is something that the team at BBFI do not take lightly and we adhere to these regulations.

BBFI Working with IQ Verify Ensures Accountability for Our NFP Company

Working with IQ Verify we have demonstrated the following:

• A clearly defined management structure.
• We work to a code of conduct.
• We carry out in-depth vetting of our staff.
• We carry out process driver investigations.
• We meet all appropriate legislative requirements including data handling and employment practices.
• We have the necessary finances, resources, competence and insurance in place.
• We can handle complaints appropriately.
• We carry out customer satisfaction surveys and have active learning loops.

Having worked hard over the years to maintain our ISO 9001 and 27001 standards, we understand that in our line of work it is important to remain accredited and to show our stakeholders OR partners that we are a regulated not-for-profit business.

We believe that the investigation industry should be regulated by law and licenced and as we continue to grow our views on this have only become stronger. In other jurisdictions, investigations require judicial approval, but the UK has an unregulated industry.

Demonstrating Competence and Trustworthiness in the Field of Investigative Services

As such it is even more important that we show that we can offer a trustworthy service proving our competency. The British Standard is high and demonstrates that BBFI have competency in conducting investigations.

Thank you to IQ verify for their support throughout and especially a big thank you to Bill Croft in our team for all his hard work in ensuring that we meet these standards.

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