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Blue Badge Misuse

Blue Badge Misuse and Enforcement

The Blue Badge Scheme is an asset to millions, but it must be used correctly, and it is a criminal offence under the Road Traffic Act to misuse a blue badge. An enforcement mechanism was brought into place in 1984 however no funding was made available to enforce the scheme and it is estimated that 1 in 5 badges are being used by someone other than the badge holder.

BBFI have the experience and skills to pull the various stakeholders together and effectively manage the scheme, investigating fraud and misuse to improve compliance, protect parking revenue, and help local authorities meet their statutory requirements.

How We Can Help

We strongly believe that working with local authorities and enforcing the scheme is essential and want to ensure that the disabled community can park in their local town when they need to.

Working with each local authority and building long standing relationships, the BBFI team investigate those suspected of misuse, prepare cases for court/prosecution, and provide each council with continued support and guidance.

BBFI have helped over 12 local authorities and brought 5000 cases to a successful completion.

What Counts as Blue Badge Misuse?

Misuse is the use of the badge by a person other than its registered holder, for any purpose other than to pick up or drop off the badge holder from the place where the vehicle is parked.

If you are offered a stolen/found badge or a fake badge call BBFI on 0207 370 0027

What is the Penalty for Blue Badge Misuse?

The penalty for misuse, on conviction in a magistrates’ court, is between £100 and £1000.  In most cases the prosecuting council is also awarded costs.

The badge remains the property of the issuing authority and may be permanently retained under the Disabled Persons Parking Badges Act following a conviction for misuse. 

The rear of the badge contains the following warning in red:

“This badge can only be used by the named badge holder, or by a person who has dropped or is collecting the Badge holder from the place where the vehicle is parked. It is a criminal offence for anyone else to use this Badge in any other circumstances.”

Stamp Out Blue Badge Misuse

As stated by the Government – ‘The Blue Badge scheme helps those with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport to park close to where they need to go’.

In 2020 Department for Transport (DfT) figures showed that 32 out of 175 local authorities in England prosecuted 10 more people. Forty-six authorities neither have a blue badge misuse enforcement policy or prosecuted anyone. One in 412 blue badge abuses is currently prosecuted. Blue Badge scheme statistics: 2020 – gov.uk

This means that the disabled community, with a legitimate Blue Badge, are at times unable to park near where they need to, which can lead to isolation and frustration of not being able to do a simple task like doing your shopping or meeting friends and family in their local town.

Working to Enforce the Blue Badge Scheme

BBFI want to work with Local Authorities to stamp out misuse, protect the rights of the disabled and enforce the Blue Badge scheme across the UK.

What Our Clients Say...

“BBFI worked well with our in-house legal team and we have since taken our internal team off of investigating Blue Badge fraud full-time since working with BBFI in contract so we could get on with delivering great services to disabled people.”

Ealing Council

“There has definitely been more compliance with pay and display facilities. Aside from financial benefits, we now feel we have the full package of enforcement measures in place and have closed any loopholes we previously had within our own enforcement, which is extremely valuable.”

Cardiff Council

“This is a critical and vital service to have… There may be the deterrent of having to fund working with a private agency like BBFI, but I think all councils can realistically fund this service from their parking revenue.”

Waltham Forest Council

“There is a real link between using BBFI and protecting parking spaces against abuse and councils should factor in the loss of revenue associated with the abuse of free spaces. The service is vital to protect disabled people and parking provisions. In my view all London Councils should be doing this.”

Waltham Forest Council

Contact BBFI for expert advice and proven success in tackling Blue Badge misuse.