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Blue Badge fraud clampdown


Cracking Down on Blue Badge Fraud in Somerset

Credit: Article from Bath and North East Somerset website

We’ve joined forces with Blue Badge Fraud Investigation (BBFI) to observe vehicles and challenge users suspected of illegally using badges to take advantage of free and convenient parking.

Although we recognise that the majority of Blue Badge holders are legitimate, a minority play the system and use a badge illegally.

This means fewer disabled parking bays for those who need them and the local taxpayer receiving less money into the public purse through a parking charge.

Remember the rules

There are some simple rules that we ask people to abide by.

  • Never use someone else’s badge, even if you are doing a job or running an errand for them;
  • Never lend your badge to someone else, however well-meaningly. You will get them into trouble;
  • Never buy a badge in the pub or on the internet. It’s not ‘free parking’; it’s a ticket to court;
  • Never photocopy a badge or make a fake badge.  Even a copy of your own badge is a forgery. It’s called fraud and will lead to a criminal record.


What are the penalties?

Fraudsters will have the full force of the law applied to them. If our prosecution is successful, it will mean a criminal record and up to £1,000 fine. 

The Council is giving the chance for Blue Badge fraudsters to come clean. Put simply, if you send in your badge we will not prosecute you. The advice to people borrowing a Blue Badge from someone who is a legitimate user is stop immediately.

How local people can help

  • If you are using a Blue Badge illegally, post it to the Council at Parking Services, PO BOX 5197, Bath, BA1 0UF or face prosecution when caught;
  • If you use the Blue Badge of someone who is a legitimate holder – stop immediately or you will be prosecuted.


Hundreds of fake Blue Badges are seized every year. Many abusers are prosecuted for fraud.

Caption: Hundreds of fake Blue Badges are seized every year. Councils are employing specialist teams to crack down on Blue Badge fraud and take perpetrators to court.

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